The Melderyn Campaign
682-697 Ezar’s War between Kanday and Rethem
683 Arren of Melderyn born in Cherafir, 2nd son of Prince Chunel of Melderyn
684 King Etobron of Melderyn dies, Prince Chunel succeeds
687 Chybisa regains independence from Kaldor
689 King Puril of Rethem dies in battle, Prince Kabe succeeds
690 Andasin III of Kanday dies, Princess Eriel succeeds
692 King Kabe of Rethem dies in a fire, Prince Chafin succeeds
693 King Torastra of Kaldor dies, Prince Miginath succeeds
694 Queen Eriel of Kanday murdered, Princess Mirelael succeeds
702 Arren of Melderyn marries Laurel Valdinoren
703 King Chafin I of Rethem killed while hunting, his brother Larril succeeds as Chafin II
706 Death of Laurel Valdinoren
707 Queen Mirelael of Kanday dies, Prince Andasin succeeds as Andasin IV
709 Arren of Melderyn marries Marada Pelanby
710 Future Arren II born in Berema (known as Arren of Berema, later Arren of Shiran)
712 King Chunel of Melderyn dies, Prince Darebor succeeds as Darebor II, Kuseme War between Kanday and the Thardic Republic
715 King Chafin II of Rethem dies, his cousin Arech succeeds as Chafin III
720 Arren of Melderyn becomes King of Rethem on the murder of Chafin III
720-725 War between Rethem and Kanday, the Thardic Republic, and Kaldor
722 King Miginath of Kaldor dies, Conwan Elendsa succeeds as Haldan III
723 Thardic Republic falls
724 Queen Marada slain in battle, King Arren I marries Meghann of Khonary
725 Kingdom of Kanday falls, Arren I and Andasin IV fall in a duel on the Norea Plain, Arren of Shiran becomes King of Tharda as Arren II after defeating his brother Prince Arabar in single combat
728 Prince Chunel of Melderyn marries Efaela Edhelen, the Earl of Tormau rebels unsuccessfully against King Arren II of Tharda
730 Jarin uprising in Orbaal, Tharda goes to war against Orbaal, King Arren II marries Sarael Edhelen.

The Melderyn Campaign is an ongoing gaming experience now in its 34th year. It is based on the RPG environment known as Harn which was created by N. Robin Crossby.

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When & Where
The party is presently in Tashal, the Gray Lady of the Kald.

Current date: 5 Nuzyael 733 TR

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