The Melderyn Campaign
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Ableron’s Tale
Arms Template - in Photoshop
Fjaga Map
Green Dragon Inn, Minarsas (Plans only)
Harnworld Introduction
Major Knights of Kaldor
Rebellatio Tormauri
Royal Chelebin Tournament Results - 731 - .xls file - use at own risk (requires Umber SSi font to view properly)
Royal Chelebin Tournament Results - 731 - in .pdf
Skill Addendum (HM3)
Tandir Map
Thardan Legion Badges

Ewen’s Tunes:

King Andasin’s Feast - the song that started it all. What is the relationship between the Pallisers and Andasin I?
The Maid and the Laranian - let the bawdy tunes commence.
Hugh of Brynd - a fine song that has a grim ending.
The Fair Maid of Kuseme - in which we return to the bawdy with a vengeance.
The Midget and the Elf - in which a fellow player proves Ewen’s muse.
Boraga’s Song - a homage to the busy embalmer of Golotha.
The Young Harper - homicide is catching ...
The Zabinshire Stag - hunting with the sheriff ...
Melderyn - a panegyric to the colossus ...
Now Welcome Summer - a cheery tune to welcome 731.
The Earl of Osel’s Last Goodnight - to Sedris Meleken - wherever he is.
Lady, By You and Love I Am so Swaye - Sir Ewen woos Thilisa ...
The Thardan Lads - A company goes east ...
A Song for Dave - To our fallen comrade ...

GM Downloads (No Players)
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Chronicles of Tharda - A history of the Kingdom of Tharda from 720 to 728. The last sections are still somewhat in draft.
HârnMaster Deryni House Rules
Kanday Wool Production
Spells of Cedric of Kalbin
Astaroc's Townhouse
Tashal Balim House
Medrik District Townhouse
Medrik Mercantyler Alternate Plans
Tashal Peoni Crypt

The Melderyn Campaign is an ongoing gaming experience now in its 34th year. It is based on the RPG environment known as Harn which was created by N. Robin Crossby.

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When & Where
The party is presently in Tashal, the Gray Lady of the Kald.

Current date: 5 Nuzyael 733 TR

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