The Melderyn Campaign
Player Calendar 731 TR
Nuzyael 9 Selata (II) returns Golotha.
Nuzyael 11 Palliser House hosts a party. ?Now Welcome Summer? debuts.
Nuzyael 30 Depart Golotha to join the Salt Route caravan.
Peonu 2 Arrive Themeson, where Sir Baris takes a squire - Quin of Regandy.
Peonu 8 Arrive Coranan.
Peonu 10 Arrive Moleryn.
Peonu 15 Depart Moleryn with the caravan.
Peonu 18 Arrive Taztos.
Peonu 20 Meeting with the Tulwyn.
Peonu 27 Arrive Trobridge.
Kelen 5 Arrive Tashal.
Kelen 7 Meeting with Rhonna of Fahl.
Kelen 15 A soiree at the house of Lady Cheselyne Hosath.
Kelen 18 A soiree at the house of Lady Peresta Bastune.
Kelen 20 A visit to the temple of Peoni, a meeting with digger, and many revelations from Sir Ewen.
Kelen 21 A meeting with Para Harkthorn.

The Melderyn Campaign is an ongoing gaming experience now in its 34th year. It is based on the RPG environment known as Harn which was created by N. Robin Crossby.

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When & Where
The party is presently in Tashal, the Gray Lady of the Kald.

Current date: 5 Nuzyael 733 TR

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