The Melderyn Campaign
Player Calendar 730 TR
Nuzyael 3 Theron Palliser, father of Bevan, charges his apprentice Ardeth of Kerryn, his nephew Sir Arlen Selaty, and his cousin Dwilith Palliser to seek his daughter who has been absent a year. They leave for Coranan.
Nuzyael 4 Hollo the Ratcatcher is murdered during the procession of the King to greet his grandfather the Duke of Alagon.
Nuzyael 6 The party tangles with Sadao of Taura and leave Coranan for Moleryn. Bevan leaves Kiban with Sir Ilken to visit the Fenlanders.
Nuzyael 7 The party leaves Moleryn, traveling with a small caravan along the Salt Route.
Nuzyael 9 The Gozyda kidnap a member of the caravan. The party helps ransom him with the aid of some Night People they meet in the area.
Nuzyael 10 At Taztos.
Nuzyael 14 The Tulwyn attack.
Nuzyael 20 At Trobridge.
Nuzyael 21 Imarë of Taërsi joins the party. Ardeth approaches a strange blonde woman in the inn who reminds them of Sadao, and is treated to a dose of Deryni wrath for his trouble.
Nuzyael 22 Depart Trobridge having left a very irate fellow tied up in one of the rooms.
Nuzyael 28 Arrive Tashal.
Peonu 2 Depart Tashal.
Peonu 4 Arrive Kiban.
Peonu 8 Depart Kiban.
Peonu 10 The party finds Bevan Palliser in the Fens.
Peonu 15 Return Tashal. Bevan receives a letter from Sir Auram asking her to look into the situation in Orbaal.
Peonu 19 Depart Tashal.
Peonu 20 In Gardiren.
Peonu 21 Gargun in the night.
Peonu 22 Reach Noron’s Keep.
Peonu 26 Depart Noron’s Keep.
Peonu 27 Witness sea battle in the Anoth Delta. Arrive Lorkin.
Peonu 29 Travel to Arone and find it destroyed.
Peonu 30 Discover Lord Morgan besieging Shese.
Kelen 1 Sir Arlen and Bevan go ashore and are arrested by Merin Sheld - whom Bevan remembers from Kiraz. They are brought before Morgan, and Bevan is quite surprised to see him. Sir Arlen confronts his cousin and she confirms that Morgan is indeed Arren of Melderyn. Shese falls that day.
Kelen 2 Depart for Lorkin.
Kelen 4 Lorkin falls to Arren of Melderyn.
Kelen 5 Depart Lorkin.
Kelen 13 Arrive Cherafir. Bevan seeks out Obiris of Ueld.
Kelen 15 Sir Arlen is advised to hide from the authorities and seeks refuge in a brothel.
Kelen 16 The brothel is raided, and a naked Sir Arlen escapes out onto the rooftops of the Alienage. Taken into custody, he is incarcerated in Caer Cherafir where he is interrogated and surprised when King Darebor II enters the inquiry room. He is released.
Kelen 19 Depart Cherafir.
Kelen 20 Stopover at Gelimo.
Kelen 30 Arrive Aleath.
Nolus 1 Ardeth meets up with his twin sister Arva.
Nolus 2 Dwilith departs from Aleath on the Selata on a commercial voyage.
Nolus 4 Depart Aleath in the wake of the murder of the playwright Kistolf of Morla.
Nolus 6 In Dyrisa.
Nolus 8 In Heroth.
Nolus 9 Arrive Coranan. The party meets Ewen of Ravinargh who sings for Bevan “King Andasin’s Feast.”
Nolus 11 Quick trip to Heroth.
Nolus 12 Ewen and Imarë engage in joint worship at the temple of Halea.
Nolus 16 Party ‘vacations’ at Sir Auram’s manor of Kennan.
Nolus 27 Return Coranan. Bevan meets the brothers of the Dowager Queen.
Nolus 28 Parmen of Merros enlists the party’s aid in locating his friend Jond of Karin.
Larane 2 Pelisa of Thoff found murdered.
Larane 4 Sir Auram asks Bevan to look into affairs in Golotha, and tells Sir Arlen that he’s been named to command the XIII Legion. Sir Arlen departs for Menekai immediately.
Larane 6 Depart Coranan.
Larane 7 Arrive Golotha.
Larane 9 Party meets Sir Felkar Uldseth and his cousin, the Baron of Quste.
Larane 11 Murder of Sir Felkar Uldseth.
Larane 12 Ewen and Bevan dine at the Aerth home, and meet Rahel of Aerth. Imarë takes up with the midget Mogger.
Larane 13 Ewen has dinner with Rahel of Aerth.
Larane 14 Ardeth and Arva return to Coranan. The “Midget and the Elf” debuts. The party meets Sir Zaurial Bisidril, who takes a liking to Ewen.
Larane 15 Sir Baris Tyrestal joins the party. Ewen and Sir Baris visit the Agrikan Sir Zaurial with a hogshead of ale. Later, the drunken Agrikans riot through the streets and burn Mogger’s tavern to the ground. Imarë and Mogger barely escape with their lives.
Larane 17 The party learns that Mogger was killed by Sir Zaurial the day before. Murder of the Baron of Quste.
Larane 23 Depart Golotha.
Larane 25 Arrive Coranan. The Agrikan “Prophet” is found murdered in Golotha - the Agrikans riot for two days.
Larane 26 Bevan and Ewen meet with Sir Auram Graver. Ewen introduces himself as “Ableron of Soursi, the killer of Sir Felkar.”
Larane 27 The VIII Legion restores order in Golotha.
Larane 30 Leave Coranan.
Agrazhar 2 Arrive Golotha
Agrazhar 7 Palliser Hall hosts the city elite. “The Young Harper” debuts.
Agrazhar 10 Sir Baris and Bevan join Sir Blors on a hunt. Later, “The Zabinshire Stag” debuts at Caer Chakta.
Agrazhar 12 The party travels to Selvos by ship.
Agrazhar 16 After finding their way about town, the party discovers the Morgathian temple complex beneath the inner island and explores.
Agrazhar 17 Returning from the temple, the party is arrested by the Laranian High Priest, and incarcerated until rescued on Azura 2. In this time, the party is accused of being Morgathian spies, are tortured, and given only meager amounts of bread and water. They very nearly starve to death.
Azura 2 The party is rescued by Rahel of Aerth and Sir Ellis Hawkwood.
Azura 12 Fully recovered, the party leaves Selvos, and reach Hyen by nightfall..
Azura 13 Return to Golotha.
Azura 15-21 Party travels to Coranan to report to Sir Auram.
Halane 4 King Arren II parades through Golotha with elements of the Legions and the captive King of Orbaal.
Savor 7 The Selata (II) returns to Golotha.
Savor 9 The Selata (II) departs Golotha.
Savor 14 The Selata (II) arrives at Avertu.
Savor 15 The party arrives at Chendy.
Savor 18 Ewen and Bevan confront Iblis Milaka.
Savor 22 The party arrives at Aleath.
Savor 23 The party arrives at Dyrisa.
Savor 24 The party arrives at Heroth.
Savor 25 The party arrives at Coranan.
Savor 30 King Arren II marries Princess Sarael of Emelrene, Sir Auram Graver becomes Baron of Quste, and Ewen of Ravinargh is knighted. “Melderyn” debuts.
Ilvin 4 The party arrives at Golotha.
Ilvin 20 Death of Sir Peten Valgari.
Ilvin 23 The party arrives in Coranan, bearing the head of Peten Valgari for Lord Graver.
Ilvin 28 Return Golotha for the remainder of 730.

The Melderyn Campaign is an ongoing gaming experience now in its 34th year. It is based on the RPG environment known as Harn which was created by N. Robin Crossby.

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The party is presently in Tashal, the Gray Lady of the Kald.

Current date: 5 Nuzyael 733 TR

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