The Melderyn Campaign
Player Calendar 729 TR
Nuzyael 27 Bevan’s daughter Trilime is born.
Peonu 4 Lord Morgan visits Heroth.
Peonu 27 Rathbar returns to Coranan.
Peonu 28 Bevan returns to Coranan. The reunited companions depart for Kaldor to follow up on an old expedition of Rathbar’s.
Peonu 30 In Taztos.
Kelen 5 At Trobridge.
Kelen 10 Arrive at Tashal.
Kelen 11 Interview with Garth of Querina.
Kelen 12 Leave Tashal and journey north to Airth Manor. The party enters a secret grotto known to Rathbar and finds themselves in desert land. They travel to a tower.
Kelen 14 The party returns to Tashal and meets with Astarock Cranelson.
Kelen 15 On Astarock’s advice, the party proceeds north to Olokand. Coming across a melee in the road, the party becomes embroiled in a family feud over the lordship of several manors. Bevan takes a liking to one young knight, Sir Cardiel Nacarn.
Kelen 16 The party aids in the assault on Alekenos.
Kelen 17 The now Lord of Alekenos expresses his gratitude to the party. Sir Cardiel and Bevan take a walk in the moonlight.
Kelen 18 Rathbar and Bevan disagree over the next course of action, harsh words are spoken, and Rathbar departs. Dascomb leaves his service and stays with Bevan.
Nolus 10 Bevan departs Alekenos.
Nolus 12 Bevan arrives at Tashal and visits Astarock.
Nolus 14 Bevan meets Sir Ilken Zuvonx with Astarock’s introduction.
Nolus 28 Rathbar returns to Tashal and begins to recruit a mercenary company.
Larane 1 Bevan travels with Sir Ilken to the Kathela hills, and remains for several months. Ilken is known to the Kath as “Crow.”
Savor 1 Bevan leaves the Kath and travels to Kiban where she stays for the winter. Bevan meets the Earl of Balim at this time.

The Melderyn Campaign is an ongoing gaming experience now in its 34th year. It is based on the RPG environment known as Harn which was created by N. Robin Crossby.

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When & Where
The party is presently in Tashal, the Gray Lady of the Kald.

Current date: 5 Nuzyael 733 TR

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