The Melderyn Campaign
Player Calendar 728 TR
Nuzyael 18 Bevan Palliser leaves Heroth to travel to Coranan.
Nuzyael 20 Bevan meets Rathbar of Marby and Dascomb of Buck and is recruited to join them in an investigation of the Mining Guild.
Nuzyael 23 Party arrives in Shiran.
Nuzyael 25 Hired as mercenaries and leave for Stimos.
Nuzyael 26 At Hikun where the party becomes guards for the Mining Guild.
Peonu 9 Party transferred to Sirion.
Peonu 14 While out hunting, the party encounters gargun.
Peonu 15 The Gargun Swarm which overruns the mining compound. First encounter with a mysterious knight and his band. The party finds Iracu and explores the site along with the underground caverns.
Peonu 16 The party returns to Sirion to find the knight there.
Peonu 17 The party learns from some of the mercenaries (now held captive) that the knight executed the miners after the swarm. The knight releases the party in the morning to fulfill their mission.
Peonu 21 The party returns to Coranan.
Kelen 1 The party is charged by Sir Auram to investigate a series of deaths along the Salt Route near Moleryn.
Kelen 7 Upon returning to Coranan, Sir Auram asks the party to look into the mysterious knight.
Kelen 9 In Shiran.
Kelen 13 In Parnan.
Kelen 14 In Firis.
Kelen 16 In Shiran.
Kelen 19 In Coranan.
Kelen 25 The Laranian priest Urbon of Klostith joins the party.
Kelen 27 In Shiran where the party meets Vencit of Kelede who bears Rathbar a message to seek for ancient Khuzdul city of Kiraz.
Kelen 28 The party departs Shiran for the Deret.
Nolus 3 Through the mountain pass to Peran.
Nolus 4 The party is taken captive by a band of Equani who engage in ritual combat with the party’s champion - Rathbar who is victorious. The Equani accept the party and Rathbar is granted the dead man’s goods and family.
Nolus 6 The party joins the Equani in a raid on a gargun lodge.
Nolus 8 An amicable parting with the Equani.
Nolus 11 A different band of Equani sighted in the morning, and in the afternoon, the party comes across the tribesmen who have all been slaughtered.
Nolus 13 They discover an Equani survivor who reluctantly gives them information about a possible location of Kiraz.
Nolus 17 Discovery of Ushet and the capture of a gargun.
Nolus 18 The party enters Ushet and fights their way to the tunnels into which they escape.
Nolus 20 They discover the back gate of Kiraz which has been blasted open. They enter and explore the ancient stronghold. Towards the end of the day they discover one of the rooms is occupied by none other than the knight from Sirion. They are formally introduced to Lord Morgan of Darring. Bevan spends a memorable evening with Morgan.
Larane 3 The Earl of Tormau besieges Ithiko Castle.
Larane 4 The party returns to Coranan.
Larane 8 Rathbar appointed bailiff of Koem manor for the remainder of the year.
Larane 10 The Royal Army marches out of Coranan.
Larane 16 Ithiko falls.
Larane 18 The Royal Army besieges Golotha.
Larane 21 The Earl of Tormau appears before Shostim.
Agrazhar 3 Bevan Palliser departs for Heroth.
Agrazhar 5 King Arren II assaults Golotha.
Agrazhar 7 Golotha surrenders.
Agrazhar 9 King Arren II defeats the Earl of Tormau at the Battle of Retu.
Savor 18 Lord Morgan visits Bevan in Heroth.
Ilvin 3 The Dowager Queen of Tharda gives birth to a daughter - Erynia.

The Melderyn Campaign is an ongoing gaming experience now in its 34th year. It is based on the RPG environment known as Harn which was created by N. Robin Crossby.

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The party is presently in Tashal, the Gray Lady of the Kald.

Current date: 5 Nuzyael 733 TR

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